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Frequently Asked Questions

CapitalMogul is an online marketplace for premium real estate investment in Southeast Asia. We are here to connect investors who want to invest in real estate with institutional quality real estate investments.

Through the CapitalMogul platform, investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate opportunities online through a private, secure website. Investors can browse investments, review due diligence materials and sign legal documents securely online. Once invested, investors have access to an investor dashboard, giving them 24/7 access to watch how their money is working for them.

Real estate companies looking for capital can do so by contacting us and going through our due diligence process.

We are here to simplify real estate investing through using technology.

If you want to invest in real estate with us, you can start here.

If you are looking for capital  for your real estate project, you can start by contacting us here.

CapitalMogul currently opens investment options for high net worth individual investors and institutional investors. 

We will be opening opportunities to non-accredited investors at a later date. 

CapitalMogul helps investors to maximise wealth in a trusted and innovative manner through investing in institutional quality real estate projects.

Our in house real estate and financial teams make sure that every investment opportunity presented on our website was thoroughly vetted. We also allow investors to invest in real estate with dramatically smaller investment sizes. And we make the process frictionless – allowing you to screen investments online, sign legal documents online, and have access to all your documents in one place on your investors dashboard.

For institutional investors, we help them diversify their portfolio as well as increase their investment performance, by targeting diverse investment opportunities.

CapitalMogul’s long term vision is to build a great real estate investment technology company. Thus, we focus on investing in high quality projects and maximising return on investment for our investors. We also co-invest with our investors, making sure that our interests and incentives are completely aligned.

We do not focus on expanding through maximising asset under management at all cost. This ensures that our asset under management will remain healthy over the long run.

Although no investment is guaranteed, one benefit of investing with CapitalMogul is that you are investing in physical assets. Your investment is in an actual property as opposed to a stock or bond or other non-physical asset.

Yes. Similar to investing in the stock market, there is no guarantee when you are investing in real estate. The real estate market has economic cycles and it is difficult to know how and when the economy will change.

Yes. The minimum investment is different for each investment, but can be as low as $5,000.

Joining CapitalMogul and browsing the marketplace is free. 

For those who choose to invest, there are fees associated with each investment. The fees depend on the type of investment (investing in a loan or investing in equity) and the nature of the transaction. 

In addition to administrative and legal expenses, the fees will cover the on going reporting and communications for the investments. You can find the specific fee structure for each deal when you browse through our investment opportunities.

An investment is not final until all legal documents are signed and funding has been contributed and cleared. When an investor makes their investment, the money is held securely at a designated bank. Once the fundraising target is met and the real estate transaction is completed, the investor funds are transferred and the investment is now active.

Investors can send their investment fund through wire transfer or online portals. For each investment opportunity there will be specific account numbers that we will provide to the investor so that funds are properly received on our end.

All legal documents can be sent and signed electronically through our website. This allows for more efficient and seamless transfer of documents between you and CapitalMogul, while maintaining the authenticity and security of your information. Investments are finalised once proper legal documentations are accepted, funds are confirmed and received, and we provide you with completed counterpart signatures.

Investors will be able to view real time updates of their investments when they login to the site and view their investor dashboard. This is their hub of information, providing comprehensive metrics about their distributions to date, upcoming milestones, and overall return on investment.  Investors are notified by email when distributions are sent to their bank account.

CapitalMogul will work with the real estate company to provide timely updates shared with all investors at least quarterly. Updates will be provided via email and via the investor dashboard. In addition, investors will receive tax documents every year that they have a distribution from a real estate investment on CapitalMogul.

Different properties have different expected hold periods. A hold period is the anticipated time investors will be involved with the investment until the underlying property is re-sold or the loan on it is paid off. It is important to read the offering documents for each investment opportunity for a deeper understanding of the hold period for each investment.

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