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About us
Our vision & mission

At Capital Mogul, we believe in two fundamentals: real estate and technology.

We believe that real estate has and will always play an indispensable role in our economy. It creates demands and jobs for multiple supplementary sectors. It helps restructuring architecture, construction, the way we live and prosper in our society. It ultimately makes the world a newer, fresher and more organised place.

We also believe that continuous technological innovation in real estate, including real estate investment technology, is a must in our future. We believe that the economy is strengthened when real estate developers are less dependent upon traditional capital markets to fund projects, have greater access to capital and spread investment opportunities and risk across a larger pool of investors. We believe that investors must be treated with more respect – they should have access to transparent information regarding the markets and projects they are investing, and how their investment is making money for them.

We founded CapitalMogul to create a win-win solution for both real estate investors and developers. Through our technological platform, not only institutional quality projects get shared and funded by our investors, their relationship will also be managed more efficiently than ever before.

Our team

We build and execute our vision and mission as a team. Our team is comprised of world-class professionals with extensive experiences in real estate, investment, entrepreneurship and government. We all share the love of real estate investment and technological innovation.

Dung Le

Marketing Specialist
Our advisors

Sang Do 3

Business Advisor

Sang Do 2

Business Advisor

Sang Do

Business Advisor

Ha Nguyen

Technology Advisor

Sang Do 1

Business Advisor
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